Scenes from a LEGO Store: Minifigures Now on Sale (US)

I've just gotten back from my local LEGO Store in southwest Ohio where I picked up three of the dragon faction battle packs from the Kingdoms line (and LEGO exclusives to boot). I was perusing the key chains and what did I see...(wait for it)...LEGO Collectible Minifigures! I picked five bags at random and went happily on my way. It looks like LEGO wants to take advantage of the holiday weekend.

It is confirmed that you can only buy five a day (so bring friends and family). I will also say that despite others claiming you can determine what is in the bag by "feeling it out", I really couldn't tell. If you are looking for a specific figure, then your best best will be to bring some way to id the secondary bar code on the back.

In separate but related news, my local Toys R Us claimed to have the minifigures in store yesterday. I ended up going after work, a couple of hours later, and they were all sold out. The store only had one case! So if you see them somewhere I would pick them up.

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