Now That's How You Do Cad Bane!

Chapelle's Cad Bane minifigureCustomizer Chapelle has been posting several Star Wars customs on his Flickr stream.

Given my disappointment over the official LEGO Cad Bane minifigure, I was hoping to find a better answer from customizers. This version may be the best Cad Bane minifig I've seen to date.

Although the blue utilized could be a little darker, and the addition of BrickForge vambraces and holster would just plus this fig even more, this combo seems pretty spot on.

There are several other custom Star Wars figs on his stream. There are no notes as to if these customs are 100% Chapelle creations, or use parts and decals from other custom houses. Either way its a nice result. Don't you think?

(Picture from Chapelle7048's Flickr stream)

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