LEGO Star Wars Minifigures: EV-A4-D

LEGO Star Wars EV-A4-D minifigureNow Showing
EV-A4-D is exclusive to set 8095, General Greivous' Starfighter.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
A4-D is made up of a whole mess of parts, many of them brick built.

In the picture here A4-D doesn't have the face sticker applied to the 'head' (part 6091).

The torso is a reversed Magna Guard torso (part 61193) with an inverted 2x2 disk on the back (part 4740). It would appear that there may be additional attachments on the back to allow for some fo A4-D's accessories.

The arms and legs are standard droid issue appearing on many of the battle droids from Episodes I-III and the Clone Wars lines.

The accessories held in each hand are a mechanical claw (part 48729) and a zip line handle (part 30229). I'll leave the rest of the 'bits and bobs' to be inventoried by the fine folks at BrickLink.

EV-A4-D Reference PhotoLooking at the reference photo, I see some resemblance between the minifig and the original, but I'm guessing that the details for this fig were minimized in order to keep price points as low as possible.

Army Building Potential
Combine the price point of the Grevious Starfighter set (~$50) with the fact that most of this 'minifig' comes from existing brick built parts, and I'm pegging the ABP for the overall figure at "low".

Big Draw
Given the fact that many of the parts are already available, and even the head is sticker adorned, there's not much to look forward to here.

(Pictures from BrickHorizon.com and Wookiepedia)

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  1. I like it because it is a sheerly wacky look XD and seems like a grevious wanna be or screw up haha