LEGO Star Wars Cad Bane - Upgrade

If you tuned in yesterday, you'll have seen our minifigure preview for Cad Bane from the Summer 2010 LEGO Star Wars sets.

After writing my review I was left a little wanting for a way to 'pimp' Bane out. As you can see from this reference photo we ended up with a lot of the core features: broad rimmed hat, blue head, breathers, and twin blasters. What we are missing is the duster, the bracers, holster, and boot jets. I would have also liked to see the blasters in more of a metallic color instead of the black.

Now, a few months back I was on the BrickForge site and they had this minniquin modeling their brown holster. Hat? Check. Breathers? Yup. Holsters? Present. Duster? Here. They even have a metallic blaster and bracers, but alas no boot jets (we can't have everything now can we?).

The good news is that you can go to BrickForge today and pick up the gray vambraces and brown holster. The better news is that Armothe has a couple of tutorials on how to make the hat and the duster.

The rest? Well, the breathers are a modified scuba tank (part 30091). Although I couldn't find the gun shown here you could take the ones that come with the standard fig (part bb374) or the other Star Wars blaster (part 58247) and apply a metallic paint or if you're lucky a chromed variant from stores like ChromeBricks.com.

With custom shops delivering quality product, there's really no excuse for not getting your minifig just right.

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