LEGO Iron Man Customs

Dawn of The Brick's Iron Man vignetteIn honor of the movie which debuts today, I scoured the internet (OK, OK. I looked around on Flickr) for some cool renditions of Tony and company.

This first piece is a vignette that captures a memorable scene from the first Iron Man movie. Dawn of The Brick's custom includes an led light to power Tony's electromagnet...doohicky.

Silentmaster Iron Man custom with Amazing Armory headSilentmaster Iron Man with Fine Clonier decals

The next set of customs comes courtesy of Silentmaster. Silentmaster gives us two renditions of War Machine, the first using Fine Clonier decals, the other utilizing the Amazing Armory Iron Man helmet. Which one is better? You decide...

Iron Man 2 introduces Scarlett Tin7 custom Black WidowJohannson as the Black Widow. Tin7 introduces LEGO Black Widow on Flickr. Mee-ow!

No real Iron Mongers or Whiplashes out there in custom land. I'm sure if the movie proves to be good we won't have to wait for long.

(Pictures from respective Flickr streams)

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