LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures: Lucius Malfoy

This new version of Lucius Malfoy is exclusive to sets 4736, Dobby's Release, and 10217, Diagon Alley. Two other versions of Lucius have appeared in the LEGO universe previously, hp018 and hp039. This will be the first time this figure will have been available since 2003.

Although not listed in the BrickLink catalog as Lucius, its likely the Death Eater figs were supposed to be this character. The Death Eater variant was last available back in 2005.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Lucius is a simple fig comprised of five parts: hairpiece, head, torso, cape, and legs. The Diagon Alley variant also comes with a hood.

The hairpiece is new to this figure with previous versions using part 4350 for the hair. This hairpiece is part 40239 in tan which appeared on various Death Eaters in the past.

The head features a new print for this character and what appears to be a new facial expression for minifigures overall (i.e. I couldn't find a match in BrickLink). The head is double-sided with a new Death Eater's mask design on the opposite side.

Lucius Malfoy Film Reference PictureThe torso print appears to give the impression of a fur lined cloak. This would be the first time we've seen this print used. Compare to the reference pic on the right.

The legs and cape are basic black.

Lucius' accessory is a black 4L bar (part 30374) stepping in for his wand. To interject some commentary, it would have been nice to see a snake-head cane instead of the basic black bar. The bar could be a cane, but the figure in the set pics (see above), is holding it more like a wand. Also, the snake head topper would have made the fig much more desirable in my opinion.

Army Building Potential
Although there are some unique elements, I don't see them being sought after in multiples. I'm calling the ABP for this figure as low.

Big Draw
The big draw here is for a LEGO Harry Potter collector to get an updated version of Lucius and/or a new Death Eater mask. Since the figure hasn't been available in some time, and more fans may have come on board since then, it could be appealing to that group.

(Pictures via FBTB Flickr stream and Harry Potter Lexicon)

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