LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures: Dobby

This new version of Dobby is exclusive to set 4736, Dobby's Release. Only one other version of Dobby has been available before, hp017. This will be the first time this figure will have been available since 2002.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Dobby is made up of three parts: a head, torso and legs.

The head is a light flesh color that closely resembles the appearance of Dobby in the films. Unlike the head of the previous figure, the eyes have been painted for a more finished look.

LEGO Harry Potter Dobby 2002
The torso is also light flesh/tan and features a new print of Dobby's rags, but nothing terribly exciting.

Finally, the legs are the short variety (part 41879), again in tan.

Depending upon your viewpoint, two accessories come with Dobby, the black diary (part 33009) and a 1x2 tile with a new sock print. The sock might be able to fit in the book as well.

Army Building Potential
Although there are some unique elements, I don't see them being sought after in multiples. I'm calling the ABP for this figure as low.

Big Draw
The big draw here is for a LEGO Harry Potter collector to get an updated version of Dobby. Since the figure hasn't been available in some time, more fans may have come on board since then, and it could be appealing to that group.

(Pictures from Eurobricks and BrickLink)

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