LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures: Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris

The caretaker of Hogwart's Castle, Argus Filch, and his cat Mrs. Norris are making their minifigure debut in set 4842, the 2010 version of Hogwart's Castle.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Argus is composed of four main parts: a hair piece, head, torso, and legs.

The hair piece appears to be a grey variant of part 40239.

Reference Photo of Argus FilchThe head is features a new print showing Argus doing his best to scowl at the Hogwart's students. Based on images from Eurobricks, the head is not dual sided.

The torso is dark gray with dark gray arms and flesh hands. The torso print is a new, rumpled suit and tie combo which may have some sig fig potential.

The legs are a standard black set with print on the legs to resemble a set of keys, and print on the hips to resemble a belt.

There are three accessories that come with Filch: a brick-built lantern, a key, and his beloved cat Mrs. Norris. The key appears to be a grey version of part x216. Mrs. Norris is a cat in the classic LEGO style (part 6251). Previous cats have only been in black or white, so this will be a new color for this part. Mrs. Norris will also have print on the face as seen here.

Army Building Potential
Argus Filch's ABP is "low". No unique parts that would be sought after in multiples. Mrs. Norris however may have a moderate ABP given that this is a new color for this classic minifig animal.

Big Draw
Argus may have appeal to collectors of Harry Potter, but there's not much to this figure. The torso print and legs may be of interest for certain custom concepts. Mrs. Norris may have appeal for those builders who want a little variety in their cats.

(Pictures via Eurobricks and Harry Potter Wiki)

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