LEGO Business Update: May 2010

The Bloomberg Businessweek website published a report on LEGO's performance to date.

A few of the highlights include the following:
  • CEO Joergen Vig Knudstorp claimed, "The American consumer has returned". The US continues to be a key market for LEGO, generating nearly a third of its sales currently with projections that it will comprise 40% of TLG sales by 2015.
  • TLG hopes to double US market share to 8% by 2015, but faces challenges in some US regions.
  • Economic instability in the European Union has TLG concerned. The value of the euro dropping relative to the US dollar is another key reason for focusing on the US market.
  • LEGO has high hopes for the US release of their board games and the Prince of Persia line.
More details in the article which you can read here.

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