LEGO Atlantis Minifigure: Naga Warrior

LEGO Atlantis Naga WarriorNow Showing
The Naga Warrior is exclusive to set 8078, The Portal of Atlantis. This will be the first time that a Naga Warrior has been in the LEGO universe.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
The Naga Warrior is composed of five parts: head, torso, legs, helmet, and armor. All of these items are brand new.

The sand green head has a mer-man print with large blue eyes. All the better to see you with my dear...

The torso has front and back print of a bare and scaly chest with a cross piece on the front and back. The torso print could stand alone without the breastplate.

The legs are also a sand green with what appears to be a print of waist armor covering the outer thighs.

LEGO Naga Warrior HelmetThe helmet is truly superb, almost having a spartan-like quality to it. The bronze colors would look just as good on a custom gladiator as it would on the Naga's noggin.

The breastplate armor would also look good in a wide variety of custom applications.

LEGO Naga Warrior ArmorThe weapon of choice for the Naga is the standard trident (part 92289).

Army Building Potential
There's a lot for collectors to want in multiples with this figure, but with nearly a $100 USD price tag for the set, the potential is lower. The ABP for this figure is moderate, if only for the difficulty to getting multiples affordably. Now if a magnet set were to be offered in the future...

Big Draw
The helmet and armor are the big draws here, with the figure itself a close second. Expect prices for all of these to high once they hit the secondary market.

(Pictures from Eurobricks)

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