Fabu-Force Assemble!

AFOL's Jordan Schwartz and Mark Stafford have dropped their proverbial chocolate in the others peanut butter to come up with this mash-up of Fabuland and Exo-Force: Fabu-Force!

Mark Stafford's Monkey Mike FabuForce MOC
As much as I'm ashamed to admit it, Exo-Force was first theme I purchased when I came out of my Dark Ages a little over a year ago. I was drawn back to LEGO by mecha MOC's seen on The Brothers Brick, and at the time this theme was the closest you could buy in that genre.

So what is up with this "Fabuland" stuff?! We'll Fabuland was a theme that ran from 1979 to 1989 where cartoon-like animals occupied a magical land of LEGO bricks. Fabuland minifigures were larger than a standard minifigure and had large, over-sized animal heads. There were over 20 different types of animals, some in several variants. If you've visited other LEGO websites or forums you may have noticed members using Fabuland as their signature figures. CopMike's use of the Bulldog policeman on Eurobricks is a good example of this.

So what do you think citizens of minifig nation, is the world ready for a Fabuland renaissance?

(Via The Brothers Brick)

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