BrickTW Will Soon Enforce "The Rule of Heaven"

Tigerggyy has posted this rendered photo of a Zhou Dynasty warrior on Flickr, suggesting that BrickTW is soon to launch a new series.

The last great dynasty before Imperial rule, the Zhou dynasty represented the height of Chinese bronze technology. Taking place from 1045 to 256 BC, Zhou military kings enforced the "Rule of Heaven" through military might, including the major units of "The Six Armies of the West" and "The Eight Armies of Chengzhou", while adopting the use of chariots in battle.

From the picture here, it looks like we'll at least be getting some new armor and hairpieces.

A couple of weeks ago the folks at BrickTW sent me a sample of some of their product. Although I'm currently planning a bigger review soon, I can say the product itself is fantastic. Quality construction, unique parts, and wide variety. Although they specialize in Oriental and Chinese history, they have custom scimitars that put the LEGO Prince of Persia line to shame. The shields they produce add depth to the traditional, flat shields that come out of the Castle line. The variety of their weapons, whether its spears, staves, swords, or bows, will fit with many custom minifig warriors, past, present, or future.

As soon as I overcome my lack of photography resources, and tamp down a little OCD, then I'll share more details. They really deserve a better review than, "here's a helmet, here's another helmet, here's a sword...".

In the meantime, head on over to BrickTW's store on BrickLink and check out their wares today!

(Picture from Tigerggyy's Flickr stream; Historical info from Wikipedia)

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