BrickTW Week: Shields & Helms Review

Welcome back to BrickTW week where we're reviewing all of the quality products from this great custom house. Our review today will look at the various shields and helmets.

BrickTW has three styles of shields available shown here: Rectangle Shield, Round Shield, and the Spear Warrior Shield.

The shields are different than your standard LEGO fare. Instead of flat, smooth surfaces, you have this fantastic detail and texture. As with many of the products from BrickTW, their products can transcend applications for building Asian armies. The square and rectangle shield would feel at home in the hands of a Roman centurion just as well as it would protecting dynastic foot soliders. The round shield also makes a great substitute for vikings or knights.

The shields are made up of two components: the main shield and a minifig handle. The handles fit snugly into the holes in the back, with no signs of slippage. The handles also fit firmly in figs' hands. This design opens up additional possibilities for MOC's and vignettes with different options for connections to other LEGO components.

There are also a wide variety of helmets from which to choose from. The items shown here are as follows (from left to right): Kin Dynasty Steel Helmet, Zhao-Yun's Hair, Army Helmet of Kin Dynasty, Army Cap of Ching Dynasty, Army Helmet of Ching Dynasty.

Again, nice tight connections to the minifig heads. The hair piece ads a new style to the LEGO universe not available in official sets. What's a nice addition to each of the helmets and caps is that there are several ornaments (seen here) that can be placed in a hole at the top.

As with other BrickTW items, the shields and helmets come in a wide variety of solid, trans-color, and chromed variants. Plenty to choose from to fit your specific application.

If you would like to see more, visit their website or their BrickLink store today.

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