BrickTW Week: Capes

Welcome back to our final installment of BrickTW week, where we've been reviewing the various products produced by this great custom house. Our final review will look at the selection of capes they have on sale today.

The design of their king capes are quite unique given the addition of a high collar. It takes a little bit of patient folding to get them positioned on the minifigure head post, but once on there are no issues. In theory you could modify the capes by cutting the collar away leaving a more traditional cape design.

The capes come in a variety of styles and colors. Of the samples I received, the leather cape (shown here) was my favorite. I like the embossed pattern, which added a certain degree of style to the overall design. As you can see here it also worked well when paired with on of BrickTW's custom helms.

Unlike the armor and weapons shown earlier in the week, the capes might be hard to find. There are a couple of styles available on the BrickTW BrickLink store, and the BrickTW website lists that some of the Wizard capes from the Eastern War series will be available as promotional items. If there's a cape you've seen in BrickTW promotional materials or in Tigerggyy's brick comics, I would suggest contacting BrickTW directly.

This ends our coverage of BrickTW's current line. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. A big thanks to the fine folks as BrickTW for providing the products you've seen here. If you like what you've seen please support BrickTW, and other custom houses, by buying their products today.

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