BrickTW Week at The Ugly Duckling

BrickTW VignetteWelcome citizens of minifig nation to BrickTW week! Over the past few weeks I've been working on developing a series of product reviews based on the wares from custom house BrickTW. I hope that you walk away from this experience with a better sense of BrickTW's offerings and how they can enhance your custom minifigures or LEGO MOC's.

For those just joining us, BrickTW is a custom house out of Taiwan specializing in Oriental weapons and armor. BrickTW strives not only to develop quality items but to develop products with ties to Asian history and culture.

You may have seen the brick comics by Tigerggyy on this blog in the past. Tigerggyy is one of the designers working with BrickTW, and many of his comics feature their products.

Each day we will focus on one of four product areas: weapons, armor, shields & helms, and capes.

I hope you enjoy these reviews. I personally learned a lot and had a blast putting them together.

If you would like to check out BrickTW's product now, feel free to visit their website or their BrickLink store today.

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