BrickTW Week: Armor Review

Welcome back to BrickTW week where we're reviewing all of the quality products from this custom house. Today we are shifting our focus to the Asian style armor.

BrickTW has four styles of armor available as shown here (left to right): Army Clothing of Ching Dynasty, Ching Dynasty Armor, Zhao-Yun's Clothing, and The Armor of Zhao-Yun.

Each armor has a high degree of detail, using sculpted molds instead of prints or decals to bring these items to life.

The armor also has ties back to the Ching Dynasty and Zhao-Yun, the general whose exploits were made legend in the novel Romance of The Three Kingdoms.

All four sets of armor fit snugly on the minifig once the head is on. There were some instances where the minifigure arms had difficulty moving forward with a little bit of friction with the hands. This was a minor annoyance and is easily overcome by repositioning the hands.

The Zhao-Yun armor and clothing has the potential for applications beyond Middle Kingdom armies. I could easily seeing these items fit in some Space and Castle themes. This is also my favorite armor from the line.

As with other BrickTW items, the armor comes in a wide variety of solid, trans-color, and chromed variants.

So suit up buttercup and visit their website or their BrickLink store today.

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