BrickTW: Qin Dynasty

BrickTW Promotional Poster for Qin Dynasty ArmorTigerggyy has updated his Flickr stream with this promotional poster for Qin Dynasty armor from BrickTW. This armor has not been available previously from this custom house.

I really like the poster itself as it now has some of the historical background in English! You'll also notice the images of the famous terracotta warriors. Talk about "Army Building Potential"! Imagine recreating the tomb of The First Emperor of Qin in LEGO bricks. You'll only need to order 8,000 units of armor from BrickTW's store...and brick-build 130 chariots, along with 670 horses. Oh! Tan minifigs, you'll need a few of those...

The items are not up on the BrickTW website yet, but given the image here, look for them soon.

(Via Tigerggyy's Flickr stream and Wikipedia)

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