Tigers and Dragons and Trolls. Oh my!

Tigerggyy and BrickTW Crystal TigerTigerggyy has posted some new images focusing on some of what appears to be the new translucent armor from BrickTW's Eastern War series.

The first image shows a soldier in Fire Wizard armor while a crystal tiger prowls behind.

The second image shows a trio of scenes where Trolls are attempting to run off with a crystal dragon. A small contingent of warriors in Wind Wizard armor have other ideas.

Tigerggyy and BrickTW Crystal DragonI really enjoy how Tigerggyy and BrickTW bring product and story together to really showcase a fine product.

A quick fun fact before I go...Many of Tiger's posts have the title "Deer Hunting in the Central Plain". Did you know that this phrase is often used to describe a struggle for power? Entertaining and educational!

You can create your own minifigure Middle Kingdom by visiting BrickTW's store today!

(Pictures from Tigerggyy's Flickr stream)

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