Tigerggyy's Zhuang People

Tigerggyy's Zhuang PeopleTigerggyy has posted a couple of new creations based on the Zhuang people of China.

In the first we see several dramatic poses among translucent armor and weapons, including a picture with one of the new Prince of Persia ostriches!

The second collection titled 'Green Jade' features a Zhuang minifigure among a richer, deeper green arsenal.

Tigerggyy BrickTW Green JadeThe minifigures appear in the traditional garb of the Zhuang people. I have to admit that I'm not aware of their history, aside from what I've found via the all knowing oracle (aka Wikipedia).

I believe the armor and weapons come courtesy of BrickTW. Considering their dedication to Oriental history I'm certain there is a deep and rich story just ready to unfold.

(Picture from tigerggyy's Flickr stream)

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