The Suspense Is Killing Me!

(Picture from LEGO.com)

UPDATE: The rumor around the interwebs is that this offer is simply a free "sticker sheet" if you purchase a LEGO Star Wars set. Really?! Why in blue blazes do you need to have a "coming soon" web page and e-mail reminders for a sticker sheet?! Ooooh, if I stay up until midnight on Sunday and find a bloody bunch of stickers waiting for me, I'm going to be cross! Now if by "sticker sheet" you mean "LEGO Summer sets are here", then I'm in...

UPDATE (AGAIN): A member on the BrickLink forums claims to know what the promo item is, and it ain't stickers. 'Brickmarketplac' states that the information must remain confidential until 8 pm EST on May 2nd. At least, someone has the decency not to force people to say up until midnight to find out what might be going on! Stay tuned...

FINAL UPDATE: I could give you all the details about this interesting promo starting at midnight 5/3, but instead I'll direct you to a rather good post on FBTB.net...I would recommend getting the Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck set if its still available.

FINAL, FINAL UPDATE: Despite staying up until 12:30 am on 5/3, the announcement never appeared for me; however, reports this morning verify the news posted on FBTB.net over the weekend. One correction, however...you must purchase LEGO Star Wars merchandise. So although my recommendation for the Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck still stands, it will not score you a sticker set or entry into the bronze Boba Fett lottery. This is the last update...I promise.

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