State of the Fancy Pants

Brickfilm auteur Fancy Pants checks in on his YouTube channel.

After thanking everyone for the success of The Force Unleashed, Fancy Pants vows to come back with a project even bigger and better. The down side? Something about bigger and better equaling more time.

Time-shmime! I say we lock Jordan in a room and not let him out until his mystery project is compl...What's that? Human slavery is illegal? I thought it was more frowned upo...No? Definitely illegal?...OK. Moving on.

It also sounds like The Ruthless Plan Part 5 ain't gonna happen. He's moved on people. Get over it! (UPDATE: It does appear that Jordan has posted the incomplete footage of RP5 on his YouTube Channel)

There may be an occasional tutorial or short in between, but generally the man is going underground.

Get the full scoop below (NOTE: This is audio only, no pictures or video).

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