Site Updates 4/12/10

Good morning citizens! I'm making a couple of updates to some key areas of the blog.

If you've noticed some changes to the Collectible Minifigure articles, I'm updating and upgrading all of the articles to reflect all of the information we've received to date. I'm trying to phase them in over time, so don't be concerned if you see some in the old format and some in the new.

I have also taken down the minifigure review for the Toy Story 3 set Lotso's Dump Truck. I'll be taking each of the minifigures in that set and dedicate an entire article to them, similar to what was done for the Collectible Minifigure series. We will then develop a guide for Toy Story 3 once we've covered them all.

In the end, I hope the improvements will lead to a better overall reading experience.

More to come...