Possible LEGO Brickmaster Books to Contain Minifigs

DK Brickmaster Star Wars BookSingapore Blog, Simply Toys, reports that two new DK LEGO Brickmaster books may be on the horizon.

One book would be focused on LEGO Star Wars themed models while the other would center on Atlantis. Each book/brick combo would have around 140 bricks and two minifigures.

Clearly the two sets featured on this draft cover for the Star Wars book can't be built with only 140 pieces. These are likely placeholder images. The Kit Fisto minifigure image may also be a placeholder. There's no other information regarding what the two Star Wars minifigures will be.

The Atlantis book is showing a ship date of Q3 2010, while the Star Wars book will be out for the holidays.

(Picture from Simply Toys blog)

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