Our Man in the Field Finds Ways to Pimp Your Figs

I have a friend, lets call him Nick, who has passed along a couple of bits about two minifigure customs shops on BrickLink. After looking through their stores, I think there's some real potential to 'plus' some of the collectible minifigures debuting in June...

Slick Bricks Custom Zombie HeadsThe first store up to bat is Slick Bricks and their custom zombie heads. Now in our preview of The Zombie collectible figure we hypothesize that the ABP or "Army Building Potential" of this figure will be quite high. Pop the head off and attach it to any LEGO minfigure and you have an "insta-zombie" variant. After a while though your army will be lacking a little a variety, and variety is the spice of life...or is it unlife in this case? Enter Slick Bricks. As you can see from the photo their zombie heads have just enough variance to keep it interesting.

Minifig.Cat's Ninja AccessoriesOur second custom retailer is 'Minifig.Cat' operating out of Taiwan. Minifig.Cat has two specialty lines focused on SWAT and feudal Japan. It's the Japanese line that really stands out for me. Minifigure accessories for ninja and samurai abound. Sadly the collectible minifigure Ninja appears to be lacking the love from the AFOL community. However, he had some of Cat's custom weapons and scrolls on hand, well that might be 'sumthin to shake a kunai at! These accessories would work well with our Fantasy LEGO League Naruto theme, or how about some Wolverine claws that don't come from Megabloks?

These two stores have a lot of potential. I will admit that I have not personally purchased products from either one so, as always, buyer beware.

If there are any citizens in minifig nation who have had experience with these fine folks, please let us know in the comments.

(Pictures from Slick Bricks website and Minfig.Cat's Flickr stream )

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