LEGO Toy Story 3 Minifigures: "Little Man"

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"Little Man", as I've named him, is currently exclusive to set 7789 Lotso's Dump Truck.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
This figure is a bit of mystery. He hasn't official been listed as a minifigure that comes with the set, he just sits passively in the driver's seat of the dump truck. I feel he resembles the old-school, Fisher-Price Little People.

"Little Man" is composed of a yellow construction hat, minifigure head with eyes and nose, and a dark blue torso comprised of part 30151. The dark blue is a new color for this part.

Army Building Potential
I imagine the ABP for this figure is low. I don't see this figure being sought in multiples unless there's high demand for part 30151 in dark blue.

Big Draw
Its hard to tell at this point. We may have a new color for the domed part and the minifigure print on the face is new. The had appears to be a standard yellow version of part 3833. Are these big draws? Only time will tell...

(Picture from Amazon.com)


  1. It looks to me like his torso is one of those R2-D2 type 2 x 2 domes... could that be?

  2. It's possible. I'm hoping to get this set from Toys R Us in the next couple of days. Nothing like a little hands-on experience to clear up a debate.

    No news yet from the BrickLink catalog either.

    More to come...