LEGO Star Wars New Hope Chess Set

LEGO Star Wars New Hope Chess Set
I posted this back in August when we only existed on Facebook. Considering our discussion yesterday about the Forestmen chess pieces and Classic Castle contest, I thought a re-post here on the blog would be worthwhile...

LEGO Star Wars Greedo chess piece'icgetaway' developed this amazing custom LEGO Star Wars chess set which he's shared at various venues online and at Star Wars days at Legoland California (2009). There's a lot to like throughout the entire set. A detailed chess board with built-in storage. Custom chess pieces that utilize Star Wars minifigures and resemble mini-vignettes.

This particular set focuses on Episode IV: A New Hope. I can only imagine future works that span the entire Star Wars universe! Perhaps with the 30th anniversary of Empire coming at the end of May, 'icgetaway' might grace us with another fantastic chess set based on that film...

(Pictures from icgetaway's Flickr stream)

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  1. As far as articles, probably Dan Heisman is a good place to start. But really, it's more important to just start making your rep. I use e4 as White and stick to the basics with Black. You'll see once you start building your rep. I know it seems daunting at first but it's not as hard as it sounds. Don't get too caught up in theory in the beginning. Just follow the opening databases. I used MCO14 to build mine.Since building mine six months or so ago, I have only had to make minor adjustments a few times. Most players don't get past six moves or so before breaking book.