LEGO Star Wars Minifigures: General Grievous

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This version of General Grievous is exclusive to set 8095, General Grievous' Starfighter. The General has appeared in minifigure form previously, but never looking quite this good!

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Grievous is a complex fellow made up of eight separate parts: the head, two sets of arms, a torso, and two legs.

The detailing and print on the head are priceless. Capturing The General's visage, a la The Clone Wars series, perfectly. It is very likely that this was produced in China, where it appears LEGO can design rather complex parts and beautiful prints.

The main arms are attached at the torso with protrusions on the shoulders. Although similar to part 59230, with the 90 twist of the opposing clips, there is bend in the arm, print on the outside, the protrusions on the shoulders, and an upper arm design that allow for the second set of droid arms to attach...so its actually nothing like part 59230. The secondary arms are more similar to the aforementioned part, but again sport a bend in the arm.

I love a great pair of legs and the General's are no exception. Previous iterations of Grievous sported part 30376. These are nothing like it! A unique design, each leg has articulation at the hips and can move independently. The feet are more claw-like and better represent his celluloid counterpart.

The General also sports four lightsabers in green and blue as accessories. There's also this brick built maintenance chair and lightsaber holder.

Army Building Potential
Although I think it will break the bank for most people, I think the ABP for this figure is moderate. It's not likely that the entire minifigure assembly will be sought after in multiples, but arm and legs will likely be a hot item. Imagine upgrading your existing droids with these unique appendages!

Big Draw
The whole darn thing. If I had to put in relative order of importance from most sought after to least I would go: legs, primary arms, secondary arms, head, torso, with the lightsabers in a distant sixth place (there's nothing unique about the lightsaber design that I see).

Overall, an epic win for LEGO. This minifigure makes the set for me, and considering the starfighter itself is a big draw, the $49.99 USD price point seems "reasonable".

As with the medical droid, the separate bags suggests that this fig was made in China. I think LEGO is on a mission this year to prove that "China" can mean quality, detailed, figures at a low price point. Although I've not handled the figure myself, I would say the opening salvo in the war on proving Chinese quality has begun.

(Pictures from BrickHorizon.com)


  1. i want it

  2. this is a suberb minifigure . i would like to have he.


  4. This Is a masterpiece

  5. So awsome so awsome

  6. I love it and dream of it

  7. give it now

  8. Sorry but the old version is much better. I don't like the legs of the old version, but it was much more LEGO'ish. The new one is just too much detailed and... ugly... Now it's more like an action figure than minifigure. Look at his eyes, the printing on his face is not accurate for the movie or even TCW version, even the shape of head is ugly. The old version was very LEGO'ish, the head has a great shape and he was white! I hate to see LEGO Grievous in battle-droid colour... In the past, special minifigure parts were without printings. For exampes: The original Jabba, movie version Yoda, original Jar-Jar and many others! That was a great style technique, making no details o it, and it looked good. I'm so dissapointed that LEGO had so many possibilities to make a good looking Grievous, but they failed.

    Sorry for my english if I've made some mistakes.