LEGO Star Wars Minifigures: 2-1B Medical Droid

LEGO Star Wars Minifigure 2-1B Medical DroidNow Showing
The 2-1B medical droid is exclusive to set 8096, Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle. This will be the first time this droid has been seen in the LEGO universe.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
The medical droid is composed of four parts: torso/head, two arms, and a mechanical leg assembly.

The torso/head part is the real gem here. Very detailed and faithful to the character from the film. There's also a fair amount of potential with custom builds thanks to the connections.

There are two arm types with this figure. The first is part 59230, the straight mechanical arm with clips at 90 degrees. These arms are often seen on skeletons, assassin droids, and battle droids. The second arm is part 53989, an Exo-Force/Bionicle mechanical arm.

Finally, the leg assembly is another droid favorite part 30376.

There are no accessories that come with this figure.

Army Building Potential
Although there weren't armies of medical droids running around in the films, the ABP for this figure could be moderate. Again, the torso/head part could be sought after in multiples.

LEGO Star Wars 2-1B Medical Droid in bagBig Draw
Say it together now...the torso/head assembly. The set review on Eurobricks showed this part coming in a separate bag. This likely means that the part was manufactured in China. A lot of fans still cry foul when "LEGO" and "China" are used in the same sentence; however, the more recent product rumored to be coming out of the Middle Kingdom has been impressive. It looks like LEGO is able to produce more detailed parts and minifig prints in China at a lower cost. If quality is upheld, I say keep it coming.

(Pictures from Eurobricks)