Joe Meno Has News On Collectible Minifigure's Future

Joe Meno, editor/writer of BrickJournal magazine, has been in Billund hobnobbing with key players at LEGO this week.

On Wednesday he met with Matthew Ashton, Head of Playthemes at LEGO. Here's Joe in his own words (via Facebook):

Matthew shows up only moments later, and we all go to one of the nearby conference rooms, and we talk about the collectible minifigures. There's is a lot said and some stuff shown, and for the moment, I cannot say anything. But here's some food for thought: The minifigures will be ongoing. And we will be meeting some more people, which is good. BrickJournal will be working on an article on these, so the more people, the better! The chat/interview lasts only an hour, but there's a lot of info shared. Matthew is very excited about talking about the minifies, so it was a blast to talk!

I think its safe to say that we'll be seeing a possible series 3 and 4 in December and March (2011). I wonder what Joe means by, "And we will be meeting some more people..." Does his mean more minifigures? Have some minifigures not been shown yet for Series 1 and 2? Will I get my wish and see chase figures?! Only time will tell...

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