Hazel's Ball Joint Minifigs Are Inspired

I'm sorry. I just can't get over these ball joint USMF minifigs from Hazel!

I really hope LEGO takes notice of this. This seems to me a significant leap forward in the design of minifigures. The "play" potential is limitless. The barriers? Cost and quality, would be my best guess. If the same LEGO quality could be had with minimal cost, then it seems like a done deal. I personally would pay a premium for this type of figure. Collectible minifigure collection anyone?

On a separate, but related note...are you wondering what the USMF is? If I'm right it stands for the United States Military Force, US ground forces from 2065 and home of the Deep Eyes Unit. All of this is from the 2001 movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

(Picture from Hazel's Flickr stream)

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