Hazel Does It Again!

Hazel's Ball Joint Enhanced MinifigureIt took me a minute to realize what was going on here with this minifig, even with the title of the original post to aid me. I think I'm so used to seeing more articulated and rendered versions of minifigures that this didn't smack me in the gob like it should have...

Look at the articulation in the waist and shoulders! Hazel seems to have found a way to add small ball joints to minifigures without totally wrecking the fig itself (or at least it doesn't seem the fig is damaged in any significant way). Think about it, man!

The custom accessories and tactical minifigure stand only adds to the appeal.

Hazel has added the Amazing Armory logo to this pic suggesting these figs, or at least some custom kit, will be available for sale at some point.

Hazel proves once again he is truly a rock star of the custom minifig underground!

(Picture from Hazel's Flickr stream)

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