Hazel and Amazing Armory's Iron Man and Custom Stands

Hazel Amazing Armory Custom Iron Man Armor
Two new product posts on Hazel's Flickr stream today. The first showcases fully painted Iron Man armor on a red minifigure. Hazel promises to have these up on the store soon!

Hazel Amazing Armory Hex Minifigure StandsThe other 'cool' little item are these hex shaped minifigure stands. Although they have direct application as a way to display your minifigures, the shape of the base seems ideal for gaming. I've known others to use minifigs and customs in this way instead of the traditional pewter or resin figures.

What do you think? Do Hazel's custom stands outclass those coming with the Collectible Minifigure Collection?

(Pictures from Hazel's Flickr stream)

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