Eurobricks Reviews Kingdoms Prison Carriage Rescue

KimT has got the goods over on Eurobricks. Another pre-release review, this time of Kingdoms set 7949, Prison Carriage Rescue. Army building potential abounds as the set comes with three figures, plenty of weapons, a horse and a carapace thingy that makes it look like a unicorn...really? REALLY?!

Cool prints, new shield designs, and the new great helm are all great features from this small set.

I really like how one of the figs has an intricate series of tattoos on his chest of the castle pris...none of the figs have tattoos?....It's not that kind of prison rescue?...Oh, my mistake!

Click on over to Eurobricks to check out the full review and set details.

Kingdoms set 7949, Prison Carriage Rescue(Picture from Eurobricks forums)

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