Dear Mr. LEGO: Chase Figures in Collectible Minifig Series

Dear Mr. LEGO,

Although June is still two months away, and I'm certain (hoping?) we haven't heard all of the details regarding your Collectible Minifigure Collection, I thought I would provide a suggestion on how to make this endeavor even more "awesomer".

Based on what I've heard around the water cooler, each set will have 16 different minifigures; however, we have yet to hear if all figures have the same level of rarity. Although I would love to have 20 crash test dummies in each case (really I would), it would be keen if you included what the kids call a 'chase figure' randomly in each case. Not only would it increase my desire to buy more packs in hopes of getting one, it would increase the collectible nature of the whole endeavor.

What do I mean by 'chase figure', well it could be an ultra rare minifigure that is completely unique to the series, but it might be easier to do something like this...

Yes, the Roman soldier won't be released until September 2010, but wouldn't it be peachy if we had chrome variants of certain, highly desirable figures? I'm not picky, I could also go with a trans-clear Ninja or a Native American chief with a rockin' headdress. The possibilities are endless!

I knew you would see it my way...

Hugs and kisses,

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