CopMike Gives the Lowdown on 'Showdown'

LEGO Ambassador and Eurobricks regular CopMike has scored another set in advance of the public, Kingdom's set 7950 (Knight's Showdown).

I will have to admit I'm not a big Castle/Kingdoms fan. Most elements that have caught my eye in the past have trended more toward 'fantasy' themes.

In perusing the forums it looks like this set brings us a new helmet design for the Dragon Knight. There's also been some discussion about new torso and leg printing on said figure. I guess 'plumes' may have been absent from this theme from some time too.

Instead of trying to pretend I know what I'm talking about regarding Castle/Kingdoms, I suggest you pop on over to Eurobricks and see the visual review for yourself.

If you care to school me in the finer points of Kingdoms, feel free to sound off in the comments...

(Picture from Eurobricks forums)

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