Collectible Minifigures Can Be Identified Via Bar Codes

Brickset is reporting that there is in fact a way to pre-determine which figure you will get without opening the bag, but its not by feeling around for the contents.

Supposedly, there are two bar codes on the back of the package. Let's take a look...

LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 1 Package
It looks like the bar code on the right, the one without numbers, is the one that identifies which figure is inside. This only makes sense for inventory purposes to have such a system in place.

Already many are suggesting using bar code readers, iPhones, or just recognizing the bar pattern as strategies for pre-identification. Combine this with our "feeling it out" strategy, and your likely to walk away with just the figures you want.

The picture I have is from CopMike's review of The Spaceman minifigure. Assuming this package is final, we already have a partial view of one of the codes. Will others who've received early packages post the photos of the bar codes?

More to come...

(Picture from Eurobricks)


  1. What about the number on the back? Where it says 'Item: 4568039'? I had a packet with the cheerleader in and it says 'Item 4559116'. Does this mean the item is different as well? What item did you get?

  2. ^Anon

    Based on what I've seen across the interwebs, the item number is not tied to which figure is inside the package, only the bar code on the upper right. If anyone knows what that number corresponds to, please let us know.

    You can find the EU and US bar codes for each figure in the Collectible Minifigure guide as part of this site, or you can go to Brickset.com for the full pdf with all bar codes listed in one place.

  3. Cygnet: Thanks! I can't wait to get the mini figures, especially the Tribal Hunter!

    Anonymous(2nd one): What does vcgf mean? What does it stand for?