Collectible Minifigure Bar Codes for Central and Eastern Europe

Oliver, a reader and unofficial correspondent, directed my attention to 'bricks.inof.de' which appears to have two pdf's showing the bar codes for the Collectible Minifigures. In an excerpt from the site...

"These are the barcodes of the new collectible minifigures, available since May 2010. When you look at the back side of the bag, the important barcode is the smaller one (without digits beneath). Unfortunately there are at least two kinds of such minifigure bags which differ in layout and barcodes:

- Item: 4559116 (barcodes on the left)
- Item: 4568039 (barcodes on the right)

The barcodes presented here are valid only for the bags mentioned first. These seem to be sold in Eastern and Central Europe. The others where found in USA and UK; unfortunately those have different barcodes."

I can really see how it would be difficult to visually ID the figures without such a guide! I'm guessing the bar codes for US, UK, and the rest of the world aren't far behind...

Thanks Oliver!


  1. not very helpful as I was hoping for the bar codes for the UK as I,m from there.Thanks but no thanks. seya

  2. @Anon

    According to the LEGO site Brickset (http://www.brickset.com/) the European bar codes should be applicable for the UK.

    To the best of my knowledge there are only crib sheets for North America and Europe, and yes they are different.

    Huw and the folks at Brickset are working to update bar code information as it becomes available so check that site regularly.

  3. Thanks Cygnet! You've helped me twice now! You're a great friend!