BrickTW: A Creative Oriental Paradise

If you are regular reader of the blog, then you'll know I have a fondness for custom minifig designer 'tigerggyy'. It turns out that tigerggyy features many of the custom designs of BrickTW in his comics.

I think the words of BrickTW sum up their mission best:

This is a creative Oriental Paradise. Each of our designs deeply relates with story and history. We hope you have a joyful website experience here and gradually understand the relevant stories and histories. The best is you can create a variety of scenes via our designed parts which sold in our store. You can own your new creative plot and share these.

They are located out of Taiwan (hence the TW). They have a store on their website and now at BrickLink as well.

My LEGO dark ages ended after the great Ninja sets of the late 90's, so I only have the Collectible Minifigures now to help satisfy that need. If you have a desire to create and play in more Far Eastern locales, BrickTW will be happy to outfit your minifig Middle Kingdom.

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