The Brick Show Reviews The Western Train Chase

The Brick Show is back and reviewing Toy Story 3 set 7597, The Western Train Chase. Once again we get an early look at all of the minfigures involved!

There's really only one new bit of information to report. Hamm comes with a rubber stopper on his undercarriage, similar to what a real piggy bank would have. This confirms what we suspected based on hi-res package shots of set 7596, Trash Compactor Escape, that Hamm can accommodate LEGO coins.

Mariann's comments on Rex, based on her experiences at Bricks by the Bay, were much more informative than what was shown here.

If you would like to see more on the minifgures, or if you'd like more info on the rest of this set (isn't it nice that LEGO gives you all those bricks for free with your minifigures), take a gander at the video...

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