The Brick Show Reviews Lotso's Dump Truck

The Brick Show website has a video detailing set 7789, Lotso's Dump Truck. The best part of the review, is we are able to get some of our questions answered regarding the minifigs included in the set. I will update the guide later today, but for now here are a few highlights:
  • Lotso and Chunk do appear to have articulation in the shoulders and are not all one molded piece
  • Chunk's face does rotate on an axle to show "happy" and "angry" expressions
  • Stretch's base is made from a rubberized material
  • "Little Man" is not quite a minifig. His head is a minifig standard, and by default so is the construction hat. However, he sits on a dark green (?) version of part 30151
Lots more to see in the video. I'm always amazed how the pack shots can make these sets seem large, but then when put in context are quite small...

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