The Brick Show Covers BrickForge

The Brick Show has put out a mini-episode featuring the various cool custom items from BrickForge.com.

Although Jason didn't go into much detail on each item, we'll try and help fill in the blanks...

Starting at the bottom-left of the screen and moving clockwise you have...
  • A yellow hero mask
  • A javelin
  • Glow-in-the-dark power blade
  • A gray saw
  • Minifigure scale sheep and pig
  • A trans-yellow/green hook sword
  • A trans-yellow/green war hammer
  • A minifigure decked out in the new clear riot shield and clear helmet
  • A minifigure wearing yellow hero hair and utility belt
  • A minifigure in space marine armor and helmet with a blue power blade
  • A minifigure in a blue beret
  • A fig in black space marine armor and helmet holding a white trident
  • A trans green military sword (?)
  • A purple savage mask
  • Minifig with centurion helmet, red kopesh, vambraces, pauldrons, yellow waist armor with gladius
  • A legionary helmet
  • More yellow hero hair
  • Green military helmet
  • Pink beret
  • A hoplite helmet with plume
  • Green turban
  • Green hero hair
  • Red scooter
  • An a blue plasma blaster back near the middle
Phew! I may have misidentified an item or two, but hopefully this will give you a better sense of what was featured. All items can be found on BrickForge.com...

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