Brick House Nudity

If you tuned into Brick House on Monday, you'll have seen the "evil head" manged to get a new body thanks to the tribe of rock people. You'll have also seen that those same rock people didn't think to give him pants! But that's not the interesting part...

Christopher shares this little factoid:

While at the TwinLUG meeting a couple of weekends ago, I heard that LEGO no longer produces the mini-fig hip part in yellow, considering it “nudity.” Not sure if that’s true or not, it seems like it’d be fairly harmless in any of the licensed lines where they’re using flesh-toned minis.

If this is true, as one reader pointed out, then it puts the yellow, classic spaceman in a whole new light. No pants, a tattoo on his chest, and a helmet. It would seem that LEGO has some interesting ideas about what goes on in space...

(Picture from Reasonably Clever)

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