Around The Interwebs: Collectible Minifigure Polls

To date I've found two polls, each asking which collectible minifigure from series 1 is of most interest (numbers reflect votes as of 4/16/10):
In both polls The Cheerleader, Zombie, Robot, Archer, and Caveman are all doing quite well, while The Diver, Native American, Nurse, Magician, Wrestler and Skater are the under-performers.

What I find interesting is where the polls differ in opinion; for example, FBTB's poll shows The Zombie as the clear favorite, while Eurobricks has several figs with strong showings but pretty evenly dispersed.

The Spaceman is also doing better on FBTB, while The Clown and The Crash Test Dummy fair slightly better on Eurobricks. Could it be that cultural differences are at play, or just different people who frequent each site?

I think its safe to say that The Cheerleader and Zombie will fare well, regardless. Popular in both polls. Strong to moderate "army building potential". There's also a strong second tier with The Spaceman, Archer, Robot, and Caveman.

I also believe The Diver and Skater will be in abundant supply. I was putting together the Gateway of the Squid set on Friday. The Atlantis divers are so much cooler in my opinion. The Skater? Meh. Most people have been excited about the hair, but not much else.

Now those who take polls on AFOL websites might not represent the broader secondary market for these figs. These polls also don't take into account which figures might be sought after in multiples.

We also witnessed a lot of traffic through the Collectible Minifigure guide over the weekend. Looking at the page views from the past two days would suggest that the following figures are ranked from highest (most page views) to lowest (least page views) interest:
  • The Spaceman (91)
  • The Robot (88)
  • The Cheerleader (87)
  • The Zombie (84)
  • The Forestman/Archer (83)
  • The Native American (78)
  • The Clown (75)
  • The Cowboy (72)
  • The Nurse (70)
  • The Caveman (65)
  • The Skater (63)
  • The Diver (63)
  • The Ninja (61)
  • The Magician (59)
  • The Crash Test Dummy (55)
  • The Wrestler (51)
So which figure will reign supreme as the king of the minifigure mountain? I don't know, but pretty soon collectors will be voting with their dollars...or euros, yen, pesos, etc.

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