And so it begins...

Although the process for entering the collectible minifigures has yet to begin over at BrickLink, the minifigure stands are now in the system!

No one has part 88646 for sale yet, which is somewhat surprising given how many people are starting to receive them in advance of the public. Nevertheless the process has begun.

Discussion has also started on how the figures will be numbered in the BrickLink system. What's possible is that individual sealed bags will be listed as 8683-0 and then opened figures would be classified based on their number in the series (8683-1, 8683-2, 8683-3, etc.).

According to the BrickLink rules for listing minfigures in the catalog we see the following:

Minifigs - The catalog should only contain minifigs that came in an official LEGO set or that can be attributed to an official LEGO program, display, activity or event, regardless of whether the minifig is actually publicly distributed during or at such program, display, activity or event.

The minifig item should not include hand-held accessories. But do include all other accessories definable as footgear (flippers, snow shoes, etc.), neckgear (capes, armor, backpacks, etc.) and headgear (hair, helmets, etc.), and assembled parts serving as such, when these are shown attached to the minifig in official LEGO set instructions. For instructions with images showing the minifig in a play scenario, refer only to the portion of the instructions concerned with assembling the minifig. If no official instructions were produced, then illustrations on packaging or other marketing materials directly related to the minifig may be used instead for this guide purpose...

LEGO Series 1 Collectible Minifigure Insert

So if the current rule is that the figure would include all items shown in the assembly instructions, then according to this insert everything except those items in the left-hand box should be included! With that said, then the following items may NOT come with collectible figures bought via BrickLink:
  • The Zombie (turkey leg and shovel)
  • The Nurse (syringe and chart tile)
  • The Crash Test Dummy (license plate tile and spanner)
  • The Native American (the bow)
  • The Forestman/Archer (the bow)
  • The Wrestler (none)
  • The Cowboy (two revolvers)
  • The Skater (none)
  • The Diver (none)
  • The Magician (3L wand)
  • The Spaceman (new gun and 3L trans-blue ray)
  • The Ninja (katanas)
  • The Cheerleader (pom-poms)
  • The Robot (none)
  • The Caveman (club)
  • The Clown (bike horn)
What to do?! Well, I'm sure the fine folks at BrickLink will have all this sorted out before the first figure hits the online stores, but if you have any doubts...ask the seller. If its not listed in the items description or shown as part of a super lot, then don't assume it comes with the figure.

That said, The Ugly Duckling store will be including everything that came in the bag with your purchase. Makes it easy, no?

(Picture from Eurobricks)

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