Update: FBTB.net Collectible Minifigure Poll

FBTB.net posted a poll on their forums asking, "which minifigure are you looking most forward to?" The poll has just passed the 100 respondents mark and I'm a little shocked.

The Zombie minifigure is the front runner followed by The Spaceman, both not a surprise. What is surprising is how well The Cheerleader and Caveman are doing. The Cheerleader and Caveman are in a three-way tie with with The Robot for third place!

Perhaps some of the most interesting findings are which figures aren't doing well. The biggest shocker is that The Ninja only has a few votes! I would have also expected The Indian/Native American to have done better.

Given those who frequent AFOL forums, let alone the FBTB.net forums, may not broadly represent the greater market, the figures that will be popular come June may shock a few people before its through.

What do you think? Surprised by these poll numbers?

(Picture from FBTB.net)

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