Toys R Us Announces Excusive LEGO Toy Story 3 Set

LEGO Toy Story 3 Garbage Truck GetawayFBTB.net breaks the news that Garbage Truck Getaway (#7599) will be a LEGO Toy Story 3 exclusive for Toys R Us. There will be four minifigures included, Jessie, Buzz, Lotto, and a new alien referred to as "Twitch" on other fan sites.

Jessie is rumored to have a new face print, but otherwise should be identical to the figure that comes with the Woody's Roundup set (#7594). Lotto looks like he may have a different appearance from other sets (based on pics seen on-line to date). "Twitch" is completely new and exclusive to this set, so far. Buzz appears to remain unchanged.

This will move Buzz's set count to at least 5, not including the recently released magnet set. Jessie will no longer be exclusive to Woody's Roundup and move to 3 sets, Lotto will be in 3 sets (7596, 7599, 7789), and Twitch will be exclusive to this set.

The price point is $44.99 for 402 pieces. The Toy Story 3 sets may start showing up as early as May, especially at Toys R Us where Prince of Persia sets are being sighted a month before the official LEGO release of April.

(Picture from FBTB.net)

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