Prince of Persia: April 2010

Just as I'm thinking, "Self? You seem to focus too much on Star Wars." I get my LEGO Club magazine in the mail reminding me that the LEGO Prince of Persia sets will be out in April.

Minifigure highlights that I've seen include a double-bladed back scabbard for the Prince, minifig camels and ostriches, and 'wolverine-style' hand claws used by the Hassansin baddies.

Personally I'm of two minds about these sets. Yes, Prince of Persia is a successful series of video games; however, these sets are based off of a film that remains untested.

It seems as if TLG is starting to pursue a strategy Pez started several years ago. It used to be that Pez would only produce a new dispenser if the characters they were based on had withstood the test of time. As the years progressed, they became more and more open to characters from, say, the recent animated kids film which flopped at the box office.

Toy Story makes sense, Cars makes sense, but Prince of Persia? At the end of the day, many of the sets are a remix of Indiana Jones and medieval themes. If you can rehash old sets into a new licensed theme, then perhaps it could be profitable for TLG, regardless if the movie does well. I guess only time will tell...

(Picture from FBTB Flickr stream)

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