New Package Pics of Collectible Minifigure Line

LEGO Series 1 Collectible Minifigure Package - FrontLEGO Series 1 Collectible Minifigure Package - BackEarlier today I was perusing through the Eurobricks forums and found that forum member "CopMike" had been sent one of the collectible minifigures for review.

The first two images show the front and back of the package. There are three items of note here 1) the official webpage will be Minifigures.LEGO.com 2) The packages will be completely opaque, no see-through windows or panels like we saw with the Duplo easter polybags, and 3) there is an item number beneath the UPC that may correspond to the figure inside. If this item number does relate to the minifigure, then finding specific figures will be a snap once this number is known.

LEGO Series 1 Collectible Minifigure - Spaceman contents
Looking inside the package we see the "CopMike" was sent The Spaceman. All parts appear to be here, including an extra trans-clear visor in case of breakage. CopMike also shows that the trans-blue bar is actually three bars long, shorter than a typical lightsaber blade. I would still like to get a look at the underside of the figure stand to see if its completely flat, or allows for further attachments.

There was also an insert which shows how to assemble the minifigure on one side (shown here) and a checklist on the LEGO Series 1 Collectible Minifigure Insertother. If the assembly instructions seem odd, its likely that TLG took a one-size-fits-all approach to save on printing costs. This insert may also serve as a deterrent to feeling through the polybag to determine which figure is inside. It would be great to see how exactly the figure came packaged.

One forum member asked about the perceived quality of the figure, a concern ever since TLG outsourced some production to China where lesser quality items were seen. CopMike assures us that 'the regular TLG quality' is intact.

Overall this is an exciting development as we approach June. I would anticipate seeing more of these figures popping up at popular AFOL sites for review in the future. I, for one, can't wait!

(Pictures on Eurobricks forum)

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