LEGO Toy Story Magnet Sets

In a surprise turn of events (to me at least) Nannan reports over on The Brothers Brick that there are a series of minifigure magnets for the Toy Story line.

This is a great opportunity to get these highly sought after figures if you don't want their corresponding sets.

The minimum prices currently listed on BrickLink are $8.55 for the Alien, $6.32 for Buzz, and $4.50 for Woody(3/4/2010). Obviously an influx of these magnet sets could bring prices down (ye old supply and demand), but at MSRP of $14.99 you could turn a small profit. I will post if our store puts these up for sale (I see a trip to the LEGO Store in my future).

As I may have mentioned before, there have been some quality issues in the past with minifigure related items that are separate from the main sets. If you read Nannan's post, it would appear that quality has improved. That would bode well for the recently released vintage minifigure collection; however, the quality issues for that set remain in question. I have put forth inquires into the matter and will let you know what I hear back.

(Picture from LEGO.com)

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