LEGO Toy Story 3 Minifigure: Twitch

Twitch minifigure from LEGO Toy Story 3 set 7599 Garbage Truck Getaway
While on the hunt for more detailed pics of the new Toy Story 3 minifigures, I came across this beauty posted by 'okayaraman' on the FBTB.net Outpost Flickr forum.

This pack shot gives us a much better look at this exclusive minifigure compared to the box shot from late last week.

LEGO Set Details

"Twitch", as he is unofficially being called on the interwebs, will be found in the Toys R Us exclusive set #7599, Garbage Truck Getaway.

Minifigure Parts

Twitch is made up of four parts, an insectoid head, torso with scale and harness print, green legs with an orange waist, and white wings.

It was revealed recently that the antenna can be removed from the main head part. It is not known how the antenna connect or how compatible they might be with other LEGO parts (i.e. hat holes for things like plumes).


There are no clues as to additional accessories that might come with Twitch.

Is it just me or does Twitch look like one of the 'mutant toys' that lived under Sid's bed in the first Toy Story? You know the one steering the He-Man body that walked on its hands? It's likely I'm not the only one who sees this and the custom minifigure/MOC will be forth coming.

I'll be on the look out for more quality pictures of the upcoming figures from the new Toy Story 3 sets. More as it becomes available!

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